General Information

BBM 473 - Database Management System Laboratory (DBMS-Lab)

Course Description

This is a course on database systems that is intended for advanced (3rd or 4th year) undergraduates in computer science. The course offers an introduction to database system concepts in general, particularly relational database design, terminology and techniques to create and modify database management systems (DBMS). Relational algebra, use of SQL query language and transaction management will be covered in detail. In the end of the course, the students are expected to gain an in-depth understanding on how the databases are designed, queried and maintained.

Grading & Attendance

  • Eight exercises (%40).
  • You have a Project(%60) which has four phase (10+10+10+30=60).
  • The course will be conducted fully online.
  • Attendance is mandatory. Those who do not attend at least 80% of the lectures will fail the class with F1. It means that a student who do not attend the exercise more than 2 weeks will fail BBM473 directly.

Teaching Assistants